addiCraSy Trio 160-2 (161-2)

160-2 sizes.JPG

Addi is revolutionising the world of knitting in the round. Each addiCraSy Trio is a triple set of flexible double pointed needles, each with a BASIC and LACE point. Knitting even the smallest diameters is childs play due to the special flexibility of the middle section of each needle. When knitting in the round, the stitches are evenly distributed across two needles and simply knitted with the third needle - so only 2 needle changes per round are needed!

With addiCraSY Trio its easier, quicker and simplier to knit socks, gloves, leg-warmers, sleeves or hats.

Larger diameter tips are now available with longer 26cm tips (161-7)

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