Addi Straight Knitting Needles

If you want something more traditional, Addi's range of classic knitting needles offer high quality and perfect results every time.

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200-7 Straight Aluminium Needle
Solid and light. Smooth-grey and bright surface
Length: 20 - 35cm, Diameter: 2 - 5.5mm
217-7 addiNovel Straight Needles
Ergonomic design with square rounded edges and a textured surface. Length: 35cm, Diameter: 2 - 5.5mm
400-7 Champagne Needle
High quality solid gold-glitter plastic
Length: 35cm, Diameter: 6 - 20mm
500-7 Bamboo Knitting Needle
Smooth and natural made from the finest bamboo
Length: 25 - 35cm, Diameter: 2 - 15mm
210-7 Quick Knit needles with tapered shaft
Tapered shaft allows faster knitting
Length: 35cm, Diameter: 2 - 5mm
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