addi Lace (Brass) Circular Needles (755-7)

For those who want to work precisely with sharper tips and finer yarns addi have 2 styles of circular needle. Both ranges have gold cords in sizes 1.5mm - 2mm and red cords in diameters 2.25mm and above.

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755-7 have brass plated tips and is available in sizes:

755 sizes.JPG
Lace Circular Needle 755-7.jpg

addi Lace (White Bronze) Circular Needles (775-7)

The silver tips of addi needles are now nickel free and instead use white bronze. These needles are therefore suitable for anyone with a nickel allergy. The white bronze finish provides extra smooth 'zip' to the tips allowing the yarn to glide seemlesly along it.

Available in the following sizes:

775 sizes.JPG
Lace Circular Needle Nickel Plated 775-7